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2. Parking uses located in the R4 Zone require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) while they are <br /> permitted outright in the Commercial Zone. <br /> 3. Both a conditional use permit and site plan review are required for a Conditional Use Permit. <br /> Conditional Use Permits are considered a type 4 level of review which require a hearings <br /> before both the Planning Commission and City Council. <br /> 4. Both a pre-application conference followed by a neighborhood meeting is required prior to <br /> Conditional Use Permit submittal. Accordingly you conducted a neighborhood meeting at <br /> the Senior Center on October 1, 2019. <br /> 5. Per AMC 19.44.060(B),in the R4 Zone parking as a principal use is restricted to lots abutting <br /> the Commercial Zone and supporting a mixed use development in the Commercial Zone. <br /> 6. In your CUP application submittal please provide a narrative as to what you propose. In your <br /> narrative please clarify that the parking lot is private and not public. Additionally please <br /> clarify who the parking lot is dedicated for and how parking within will be monitored. And <br /> managed. <br /> 7. At time of CUP submittal, a surveyed site plan that is drawn to scale will be required that <br /> shows all property corners, property lines, dimensions, and the boundary of the R4 and <br /> Commercial split zoning. On the site plan please provide the area of the subject property. <br /> 8. It is my understanding that the conceptual parking lot layout may change. Please note that <br /> the respective aisle widths, stall lengths,widths, etc. will need to meet the parking standards <br /> as listed in AMC 19.64.050. Please also work with the Public Works Department, Fire <br /> Department and the Operations Department to make sure their requirements are also met <br /> insofar as parking lot layout, access, turnaround, and access to garbage and recycling is <br /> concerned. <br /> 9. Additionally on the site plan please number the stalls and show the wheel stops are. All <br /> parking must be onsite and not extend into the city right-of-way. The parking lot will need <br /> to be paved with stalls striped. <br /> 10. Per AMC 19.64.050(C), no more than 33% of the stalls may be compact in size. <br /> 11. It is my understanding that the proposed private commercial parking lot is to serve <br /> exclusively the Starbucks commercial development to the north across 18th Street. If not, <br /> what will it serve? That said, please provide a parking analysis for the entire commercial <br /> development for the existing parking lot + proposed addressing how you meet both the <br /> minimum and maximum parking allowed per AMC Table 19.64.040. <br /> 12. At time of CUP application submittal, please provide us with a drainage / stormwater plan <br /> that complies with the 2012 Department of Ecology Stormwater Management Manual for <br /> Western Washington (SWMMWW) as amended in 2014. The City may require third party <br /> review of this drainage /stormwater plan. Please note that if third party review is required, <br /> the cost of this review shall be reimbursed to the city by the applicant. <br /> 13. At time of CUP application submittal, a landscape plan shall be submitted to PCED for <br /> review that complies with AMC Chapter 19.65. Where you ingress into the parking lot, the <br /> landscape area on your property will need to be a width of 10 feet. Said landscape area shall <br /> be landscaped with a Type-C landscape area per AMC 19.65.070(D) and 19.65.060(C). <br /> Around the perimeter of the parking lot,you will need to have landscape buffer that complies <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br />