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INTRODUCTION TO ICS FORMS <br /> The National Incident Management System (NIMS) Incident Command System (ICS) Forms Booklet, FEMA 502-2, is <br /> designed to assist emergency response personnel in the use of ICS and corresponding documentation during incident <br /> operations. This booklet is a companion document to the NIMS ICS Field Operations Guide (FOG), FEMA 502-1, which <br /> provides general guidance to emergency responders on implementing ICS. This booklet is meant to complement existing <br /> incident management programs and does not replace relevant emergency operations plans, laws, and ordinances. These <br /> forms are designed for use within the Incident Command System, and are not targeted for use in Area Command or in <br /> multiagency coordination systems. <br /> These forms are intended for use as tools for the creation of Incident Action Plans (IAPs), for other incident management <br /> activities, and for support and documentation of ICS activities. Personnel using the forms should have a basic <br /> understanding of NIMS, including ICS, through training and/or experience to ensure they can effectively use and <br /> understand these forms. These ICS Forms represent an all-hazards approach and update to previously used ICS Forms. <br /> While the layout and specific blocks may have been updated, the functionality of the forms remains the same. It is <br /> recommended that all users familiarize themselves with the updated forms and instructions. <br /> A general description of each ICS Form's purpose, suggested preparation, and distribution are included immediately after <br /> the form, including block-by-block completion instructions to ensure maximum clarity on specifics, or for those personnel <br /> who may be unfamiliar with the forms. <br /> The ICS organizational charts contained in these forms are examples of how an ICS organization is typically developed <br /> for incident response. However, the flexibility and scalability of ICS allow modifications, as needed, based on experience <br /> and particular incident requirements. <br /> These forms are designed to include the essential data elements for the ICS process they address. The use of these <br /> standardized ICS Forms is encouraged to promote consistency in the management and documentation of incidents in the <br /> spirit of NIMS, and to facilitate effective use of mutual aid. In many cases, additional pages can be added to the existing <br /> ICS Forms when needed, and several forms are set up with this specific provision. The section after the ICS Forms List <br /> provides details on adding appendixes or fields to the forms for jurisdiction- or discipline-specific needs. <br /> It may be appropriate to compile and maintain other NIMS-related forms with these ICS Forms, such as resource <br /> management and/or ordering forms that are used to support incidents. Examples of these include the following <br /> Emergency Management Assistance Compact(EMAC)forms: REQ-A(Interstate Mutual Aid Request), Reimbursement <br /> Form R-1 (Interstate Reimbursement Form), and Reimbursement Form R-2 (Intrastate Reimbursement Form). <br />