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• <br /> COA#IL284 <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY <br /> INTERLOCAL COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT FOR Contract# C20190374 <br /> OVERTIME SERVICES BETWEEN Page 1 of 4 <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> AND <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is made and entered into by and between the City of Anacortes and Skagit <br /> County, Washington ("County") pursuant to the authority granted by Chapter 39.34 RCW, <br /> INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT. <br /> 1. PURPOSE: <br /> This agreement establishes the procedures and responsibilities of both the Skagit County <br /> Sheriffs Office (SCSO) and the Anacortes Police Department (APD) for the <br /> reimbursement of certain overtime costs. <br /> 2. RESPONSIBILITIES: <br /> The parties agree to the following conditions: <br /> 1) The SCSO may request assistance of the APD for law enforcement services to <br /> accompany and/or transport individuals in custody of the jail during court proceedings, <br /> medical appointments, or hospitalization and for essential law enforcement services. <br /> The SCSO will contact the APD to request assistance as needed. <br /> 2) The APD shall attempt to make officers available to cover the request of the SCSO. <br /> The APD officers covering the request will remain employees of the APD at all times <br /> while rendering law enforcement duties for the County in conformity with this <br /> agreement. <br /> 3) APD shall request reimbursement of payment of overtime costs related to work <br /> performed by its officers as requested by the SCSO pursuant to the manner of <br /> financing provision below. <br /> 3. TERM OF AGREEMENT: <br /> The term of this Agreement shall be effective on the last date it is signed by the parties <br /> and remains in effect until terminated upon 30 day written notification by either party to <br /> this agreement as per section 9 below. <br /> 4. MANNER OF FINANCING: <br /> The APD shall bill the SCSO for the work done. <br /> All reimbursement of overtime hours costs covered under this agreement must be <br /> approved by the SCSO. Law enforcement services must be overtime. SCSO will <br /> reimburse overtime expenses at 150 percent of the officer's normal salary rate plus <br /> contributions to employee benefits, limited to the following: <br /> a) FICA <br /> b) Medicare <br /> c) Any portion of L& I that is paid by the employer <br /> d) Retirement contributions paid by the employer can be included if the contribution <br /> is based on a percentage of their hours worked <br /> INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br />