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SKAGIT COUNTY <br /> Contract # C20190379 <br /> Page 1 of 20 <br /> INTERLOCAL COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT COA IL288 <br /> BETWEEN <br /> SKAGIT COUNTY AND CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> FOR DEPOT PLAZA <br /> THIS INTERLOCAL AGREEMENT is entered into this 3 day of <br /> SOtotCil(Y1A9fAr , 2019 between Skagit County, Washington (the "County") and <br /> City of Anacortes, a Washington Municipal Corporation (the "Recipient") pursuant to the <br /> authority granted by Chapter 39.34 RCW, INTERLOCAL COOPERATION ACT, and in <br /> consideration of the mutual benefits do hereby agree as follows: <br /> 1. Purpose: The purpose of the contract is to distribute economic development funds <br /> pursuant to RCW 82.14.370. <br /> 2. Scope of Work: Recipient will use the funds distributed under this agreement <br /> pursuant to the intent and purpose of RCW 82.14.370. Further, Recipient is to use such <br /> funds for the Public Facility Project described in Recipient's Economic Development <br /> Applications submitted to the County which are attached to this document as Exhibit "A". <br /> Recipient may only use funds in support of constructing the Restroom Facilities. <br /> 3. Payment: County will compensate Recipient a maximum of $300,000, chargeable <br /> to GL expenditure code # 342 5850222xxxx. Recipient shall submit an invoice describing <br /> the use of funds to be distributed by the County and the County upon receipt of <br /> appropriate documentation shall distribute a portion of the awarded funding as determined <br /> by the County Contract Representative described in Paragraph 6.1 of this Contract. <br /> However, such payments shall not occur more often than monthly, through the County <br /> voucher system. The County Contract Representative has the sole discretion of <br /> determining what appropriate documentation is required in order for Recipient to receive a <br /> distribution of funds under this Agreement. <br /> 4. Recipient agrees that in the event the county or other state or federal agency <br /> finds that the funds distributed pursuant to this agreement violate any state or federal <br /> laws including but not limited to the primary purpose for which funds pursuant to this <br /> agreement are being given, Recipient agrees to return the funds provided by County <br /> under this agreement to County including any penalties and interest, and agrees to hold <br /> County harmless and indemnify County for distributing such funds contrary to state or <br /> federal law. Further, in the event that funds provided to Recipient under this agreement <br /> are used for a purpose other then what was originally described in its application of <br /> funds, then Recipient agrees to return such funds to the County upon demand. <br /> 5. The parties agree that Recipient is an independent contractor and not an employee, <br /> or agent of Skagit County. Recipient hereby agrees not to make any representations to <br /> any third party or to allow such third party to remain under the misimpression that <br /> Recipient is an employee, independent contractor, or agent of Skagit County. All <br /> payments made hereunder and all services performed shall be made and performed <br /> Page 1 <br />