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5. Administration <br /> 5.1 Neither party is authorized to bind the other to any contract or obligation. <br /> 5.2 Each party shall be responsible for its own compliance with any applicable <br /> procurement, financial, or audit procedures. <br /> 5.3 To the extent that any joint administration is required under this agreement, the <br /> cooperating department heads of the Districts' and the City shall constitute a <br /> joint board responsible for such administration. <br /> 5.4 The Joint board shall meet as often as necessary to establish any necessary <br /> policies and procedures to facilitate the objectives of this agreement. <br /> 5.5 The Joint Board will administer the program and oversee the maintenance of the <br /> mobile live fire training prop, policies,procedures, and other related issues. <br /> 5.6 Decisions shall be by simple majority vote at any regular meeting. A quorum <br /> shall require all members to be present. <br /> 5.7 Each party agrees to share in the "non-federal" as follows: <br /> • A formula to determine each agency share is determined by multiplying 50% <br /> of the valuation plus 50% of the total number of firefighters to a factor that <br /> amount to the participant share. <br /> 5.8 A latecomers agreement is hereby established: <br /> • If other parties agree to participate in the regional live fire training prop, the <br /> same formula outlined in 5.8 shall be determined and then disbursed to each <br /> current agency in the same proportion as the formula in 5.8. <br /> 5.9 A fund to provide maintenance of the unit shall be established and managed by <br /> the City. The annual amount shall be established by the joint board, and then <br /> each participating agency shall pay an even amount to keep the fund active. <br /> 6. Modification and Termination <br /> 6.1 Either party may terminate this agreement upon written notice of termination to <br /> the other party. <br /> 6.2 This agreement may be modified only by mutual written agreement. <br /> 7. Applicable Law and Conformance <br /> 7.1 This agreement, and any rights and obligations hereunder,shall be construed <br /> and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Washington. <br /> 8. Jurisdiction and Venue <br /> 8.1 Any dispute or proceeding arising out of this agreement shall be submitted to the <br /> Superior Court of the State of Washington for Skagit County. <br /> 2 <br />