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ARTICLE 6: PAYMENTS <br /> H-GAC will confirm each order and issue notice to contractor to proceed.Upon delivery of goods or services purchased, and <br /> presentation of a properly documented invoice,the End User shall promptly,and in any case within thirty(30) days,pay H-GAC's <br /> contractor the full amount of the invoice.All payments for goods or services will be made from current revenues available to the paying <br /> party. In no event shall H-GAC have any financial liability to the End User for any goads or services End User procures from an H- <br /> GAC contractor. <br /> ARTICLE 7: CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS <br /> This Contract may be amended only by a written amendment executed by both parties, except that any alterations, additions, or <br /> deletions to the terms of this Contract which are required by changes in Federal and State law or regulations are automatically <br /> incorporated into this Contract without written amendment hereto and shall become effective on the date designated by such law or <br /> regulation. <br /> H-GAC reserves the right to make changes in the scope of products and services offered through the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing <br /> Program to be performed hereunder. <br /> ARTICLE 8: TERMINATION PROCEDURES <br /> H-GAC or the End User may cancel this Contract at any time upon thirty(30)days written notice by certified mail to the other party to <br /> this Contract. The obligations of the End User, including its obligation to pay H-GACs contractor for all costs incurred under this <br /> Contract prior to such notice shall survive such cancellation, as well as any other obligation incurred under this Contract, until <br /> performed or discharged by the End User. <br /> ARTICLE 9: SEVERABILITY <br /> All parties agree that should any provision of this Contract be determined to be invalid or unenforceable, such determination shall not <br /> affect any other term of this Contract,which shall continue in full force and effect. <br /> ARTICLE 10: FORCE MAJEURE <br /> To the extent that either party to this Contract shall be wholly or partially prevented from the performance within the term specified of <br /> any obligation or duty placed on such party by reason of or through strikes,stoppage of labor,riot,fire,flood,acts ofwar,insurrection, <br /> accident, order of any court,act of God,or specific cause reasonably beyond the parry's control and not attributable to its neglect or <br /> nonfeasance,in such event,the time for the performance of such obligation or duty shall be suspended until such disability to perform is <br /> removed;provided,however,force majeure shall not excuse an obligaion solely to pay funds. Determination of force majeure shall <br /> rest solely with H-GAC. <br /> ARTICLE 11: VENUE <br /> • Disputes between procuring party and Vendor are to be resolved in accord with the law and venue rules of the State of purchase. <br /> THIS INSTRUMENT HAS BEEN EXECUTED IN TWO ORIGINALS BY THE PARTIES HERETO AS FOLLOWS: <br /> * City of Anacortes Houston-Galveston Area Council <br /> Name of End User(local government,agency,or non-profit corporation) 3555 Timm e,Suite 120,Houston,TX 77027 <br /> * 904 6th St, P.O. Box 547 By. <br /> Mailing Address xecutive Director <br /> * Anacortes WA 98221 <br /> City State ZIP Code Attest. <br /> Manager <br /> *By: -44„, <br /> Date: <br /> Signature of chief elected appointed official <br /> * H. Dean Maxwell, Mayor <br /> Typed Name&Title of Signatory Date <br /> *Denotes required fields <br /> rev.03/11 <br />