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At40 <br /> HOUSTON-GALVESTON AREA COUNCIL <br /> June 7, 2012 <br /> Marcia L. Hunt <br /> Assistant to the City Clerk <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> PO Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Dear Ms. Hunt: <br /> Enclosed you will find your original copy of the fully executed Interlocal Contract {ILC} which <br /> includes your assigned permanent ILC number. This number should appear on all future <br /> purchase orders, in addition to the H-GAC bid number for the product you are ordering. This <br /> number also serves as your Password for our website: <br /> The ILC document is designed as a blanket purchase agreement for all products offered by <br /> H-GAC, and it remains in effect indefinitely unless canceled by either party. No annual renewal <br /> actions are required. This Contract covers all departments within your municipality/county/ <br /> district jurisdiction. It is activated only by your agency's issuance of Purchase Orders. <br /> We encourage you to use the H-GAC Cooperative Purchasing Program and avail yourself of the <br /> services we offer. We look forward to serving you. <br /> Sincerely, <br /> 6 <br /> Contract Specialist <br /> Cooperative Purchasing Program <br /> Mailing Address Physical Address <br /> PO Box 22777 3555 Timmons Lane,Suite 120 <br /> Houston,Texas 77227-2777 Houston,Texas 77027 <br /> Phone 713-627-3200 Phone 713-627-3200 <br />