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7. South Commercial Avenue block frontage designation. The City Council finds that <br /> application of the"Mixed" block frontage designation to the majority of south <br /> Commercial Avenue is necessary to strengthen the visual appearance and economic <br /> vitality of the corridor,and is supported by new design standards providing for <br /> pedestrian friendly building frontages and minimizing the visual impact of off-street <br /> parking through location and design. <br /> 8. Corporate architecture. The City Council finds that,in order to promote compatible, <br /> pedestrian-oriented development that respects Anacortes's historic character and <br /> small town scale, it is appropriate to prohibit architecture that is defined <br /> predominantly by corporate identity features and is difficult to adapt to other uses. <br /> 9. Oakes Avenue fencing. The City Council finds that establishing additional fence, <br /> wall,and hedge height restrictions for new lots created along a portion of the north <br /> side of Oakes Avenue will help protect public views of Guemes Channel. <br /> C. In adopting substantial changes to the Planning Commission's recommendation, City Council <br /> considered public comments,staff recommendations,and relevant goals and policies of City <br /> planning documents, including the 2016 Comprehensive Plan. <br /> D. Other changes made by the City Council to the Planning Commission's recommendation <br /> conform substantially to the proposal as made available for public comment, correct <br /> typographical errors, correct cross-references, clarify language without changing its effect, <br /> or preserve the status quo. <br /> E. The amendments to the development regulations and zoning map set forth herein bear a <br /> substantial relation to the public health,safety, and welfare. <br /> F. The amendments to the development regulations and zoning map set forth herein are in the <br /> best interest of the City of Anacortes residents. <br /> G. The amendments to the development regulations and zoning map set forth herein have <br /> been processed, reviewed,considered,and adopted in material compliance with all <br /> applicable state and local procedural requirements,standards and criteria, including but not <br /> limited to the requirements of Chapter 36.70A RCW. <br /> H. All relevant procedural requirements of the State Environmental Policy Act have been <br /> satisfied with respect to this ordinance. <br /> I. Notice of intent to adopt these development regulations has been provided to the <br /> Washington Department of Commerce. <br /> Section 2. Development Regulation Amendments Adopted. The Anacortes Municipal Code is <br /> amended as described in Attachment A. <br /> Section 3. Official Zoning Map Amendments Adopted. The Official Zoning Map is amended as shown <br /> in Attachment B. <br /> Page 3 of 4 <br />