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Management Act,Anacortes Comprehensive Plan,and the Anacortes Municipal Code, and <br /> are hereby adopted by reference. <br /> B. The following findings are entered where the Council adopted substantial changes to the <br /> Planning Commission's recommendation: <br /> 1. Retail sales uses. The City Council finds that it is appropriate to permit outright <br /> individual retail sales uses of up to 50,000 net square feet in the Central Business <br /> District,Commercial, and Marine Mixed Use zones, in order to encourage new <br /> businesses,such as small specialty retailers, mercantiles,or complementary brand <br /> retailers that provide goods not currently available in the city. Additionally, it is <br /> appropriate to set limits on the maximum net floor area of individual retail sales <br /> tenant/use spaces at 50,000 net square feet and the overall maximum gross floor <br /> area of buildings containing multiple individual retail sales tenant/use spaces at <br /> 75,000 square feet in order to maintain Anacortes's small-town scale and character. <br /> 2. Heavy Industry uses. The City Council finds that in protecting the public from health <br /> and environmental hazards it is appropriate to exclude certain Heavy Industry uses <br /> from industrial zones that are adjacent to residential zones. The Industrial and <br /> Marine Shipping zones are adjacent to residential areas. Petroleum and oil <br /> refineries and chemical manufacturing use categories include uses that may be <br /> potentially hazardous. It is proper to exclude said uses from the Industrial and <br /> Manufacturing and Shipping zones until additional review of public health and <br /> environmental hazards of said uses can be evaluated. <br /> 3. Garage location. The City Council finds that prohibiting garage doors from being <br /> placed in front of the front face of new dwellings (including front porch or covered <br /> entry feature)on small lots and certain other housing types will help minimize the <br /> appearance and impact of garages on the streetscape and encourage neighbor and <br /> community interaction. <br /> 4. CBD/Old Town transition. The City Council finds that special setback standards are <br /> needed to minimize the impacts of new development of land zoned Central <br /> Business District(which will allow for 65' buildings in certain circumstances)on <br /> abutting properties that are in the Old Town Zone. <br /> 5. Height bonus. The City Council finds that increased building height allowances in <br /> certain zones, and resulting economic benefits realized by developers, must only be <br /> allowed when in exchange for a social benefit. Requiring a percentage of residential <br /> units within a development to be small(600 square feet or less)or to meet <br /> affordability criteria will improve the housing diversity and affordability in the City, <br /> which is a public benefit. <br /> 6. Bike parking. The City Council finds that expanding bike parking requirements for <br /> new development is consistent with Anacortes's designation as a Bicycle Friendly <br /> Community and with promoting active transportation options. <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br />