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11-4 Cleaner Guys <br /> t Cleaner Guys, LLC <br /> 114 Lind Street <br /> ° Mount Vernon, WA 98273 <br /> gT111 <br /> D <br /> FED ID #: 47-0914672 „Pt 1 6 2019 <br /> Client: Vickie Neupert <br /> Property: 2008 10th Street CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Operator: BSHUPE <br /> Estimator: Bob Shupe Business: (360) 757-4300 <br /> Position: Principal E-mail: bshupe@cleanerguys.corn <br /> Company: Cleaner Guys <br /> Business: 114 Lind Street <br /> Mount Vernon, WA 98273 <br /> Type of Estimate: Water Damage <br /> Date Entered: 4/3/2018 Date Assigned: 4/2/2018 <br /> Date Est. Completed: 4/3/2018 Date Job Completed: <br /> Price List: WAEVCG APR18 <br /> Labor Efficiency: Restoration/Service/Remodel <br /> Estimate: 2018 NEUPERT MIT <br /> File Number: 11114236 <br /> This is a preliminary estimate and documentary of the property damage affecting the building located at the address noted above. <br /> Please refer to the estimate body and/or associated documentation for detailed information. <br /> At the time of my inspection, it is believed that the water damage in the kitchen is related to a roof leak, likely a failed pipe jack <br /> around a plumbing vent line. Water has gotten behind and under the East bank of cabinets causing damage to the cabinets and <br /> the sub-floor. There may be damage to the drywall as well including the possibility of mold colonization. There may be hidden <br /> damage in the East exterior wall, crawlspace and/or attic space. <br /> This estimate is for the removal and replacement of damaged materials and the necessary ancillary tasks required to accomplish <br /> the primary repairs. Should any mold remediation and/or drying work be required, those tasks will be invoiced separately with <br /> subsequent documentation. <br /> Thank you for choosing Cleaner Guys for your mitigation and restorative cleaning needs. Please contact me anytime regarding <br /> this or any other matter. <br /> Bob Shupe <br /> <br /> (M) 360-391-8100 <br /> (0) 360-757-4300 <br /> <br />