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April 22, 2019 <br />Mr. Don Measamer <br />Director of Planning, Community, and Economic Development <br />City of Anacortes <br />Re: Reeves Residence, 1819 10th Street, Anacortes <br />Mr. Measamer: <br />As you know, my wife and I are working with Inspector Steve Kramer of your department to complete <br />the tests and inspections required to secure the overdue Certificate of Occupancy for 1819 10th Street. <br />Recent challenges that we have encountered during the testing process lead me to send you this letter. <br />The latest of these required inspections requires a pneumatic pressure test, at 10 PSI air pressure, of the <br />DWV portion of our home's interior plumbing system. Mr. Kramer has specified that this test must <br />originate at a point on the sewer lateral line that is outside the home's foundation wall. This latter <br />requirement has proven to be challenging to satisfy, requiring us to contact three different Skagit <br />County plumbing contractors to identify the process and cost required to complete the pneumatic <br />testing. We have still NOT completed this test, for reasons which I will explain below. <br />Two weeks ago, we hired Bay Point Mechanical to inspect our plumbing system and conduct the <br />pressure test. However, the only sewer line access point currently at our house is a working cleanout <br />port in our basement that is 12 feet INSIDE the foundation wall. Conducting the pneumatic test as <br />specified from outside the foundation wall requires us to replace our entire sewer lateral line between <br />the house and the sewer main, install a second cleanout, and demolish our existing exterior deck. <br />Bay Point Mechanical's estimate to perform the pneumatic pressure test on our home's interior <br />plumbing DWV from the existing inside cleanout is about $5000.00, omitting excavation, lateral line <br />replacement, and deck demolition. However, this does not satisfy the City'outside the foundation wall' <br />requirement described earlier in this letter. So we asked Bay Point Mechanical for an estimate for sewer <br />line replacement. Bay Point Mechanical's estimate for excavating our back yard, replacing the sewer <br />line, and installing the required 'outside' cleanout port is $20,000. We hired a second plumber, CPI, to <br />inspect the sewer lateral and supply an estimate for trenchless sewer line replacement ONLY. CPI <br />Plumbing's estimate: $20,000. Neither of the latter two estimates include the price of the required <br />pneumatic test. <br />We consulted a third plumber: Skagit Plumbing. Mark, who responded to our call, asked about the <br />composition of our plumbing. When I replied, "Black Plastic", Mark referred us to Section 712.0 (Testing) <br />of Universal Plumbing Code 2015, adopted by the City of Anacortes. Section 712.1 (Media) states that <br />`plastic pipe shall not be tested with air', but rather, with water. Section 712.1 also specifies that <br />pneumatic testing be done at pressure of 5 psi, not 10 psi as specified by the city. Mark informs us that <br />employing a pneumatic pressure test at EITHER 5 psi or 10 psi could seriously damage the plastic pipes <br />under and inside the walls of our house. Thus, I think that the City inspector needs to revise the <br />