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Anacortes Planning at Community Development Dept. <br />Permit Center <br />P.O. Box 547, Anacortes, WA 98221-0547 <br />Don Measamer, Building Official, Planning Director <br />MEMO <br />Re: Stop Work Order issued on June 26, 2019 at 2008 10th Street <br />Hi Vickie, <br />PH (360) 293-1901 <br />FAX (360) 293-1938 <br />Please read the reasons below for the reasons the Stop Work Order was issued on June 26, <br />2019. The City of Anacortes issued a Stop Work Order for the work being done at 2008 10th <br />Street for the following reasons (there may be other problems that I missed in my inspection <br />that will need to be addressed): <br />1. Roof was installed without a permit and vent collars were not installed over the vent <br />flashing and vents to keep rainwater from leaking into the structure. <br />2. It appears that the water damaged, rotted and moldy subfloor and mud sills on the east <br />side of the house were covered by the new work done without proper remediation and <br />replacement of the structurally instable elements. <br />3. Structural work was done to the home without a permit. Only a plumbing permit was <br />secured by the contractor, Cleaner Guys LLC. At the time of permit issuance, the <br />contractor stated that he was not changing any walls, moving any beams or doing any <br />other structural work that would require a building permit. <br />4. Range was installed without a permit and not vented properly through the roof. The <br />range venting was friction fitted into an existing plastic roof ventilation jack through <br />flexible duct. <br />5. Kitchen walls were cut down and sections removed without a demolition (demo) permit. <br />6. Existing beam was cut out and removed without a demo permit. Top plates were cut <br />making the structure weaker. <br />7. Demoed wall was reframed without a permit. <br />8. New 20 foot beam or so was installed without a permit to support the collar ties and the <br />roof system. Beam is installed above the collar ties and do not appear to support the <br />collar ties properly. <br />9. Beam appears to not have adequate support to bear on and is not accurately anchored <br />to bearing points below. Post under new beam doesn't appear adequate for the load (it <br />appears that the beam is sitting on a single 2 x4). <br />10. Window demoed and framed in and sided without a permit. <br />