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sIY 04, TASK ORDER #8 05-077-1DS-009 <br /> 0410,4, Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 05-077-IDS-001 <br /> 0oc <br /> Task Order No. TASK ORDER 8-05-077-IDS-009 <br /> Task Title Environmental Permitting for the Guemes Channel Trail <br /> Consultant Aqua-Terr Systems, Inc. <br /> Consultant Contact Jim Wiggins Phone (360)856-2139 <br /> City Contact Rob Hoxie Phone (360) 293-1920 <br /> City Project No. 05-077-IDS-009 Budget Line No. <br /> BACKGROUND <br /> The City of Anacortes is proposing to create a pedestrian and bike trail from the ticketing area at the Anacortes <br /> Washington State Ferry Terminal to intersection of 11th Street & Q Avenue where the Trail can connect with <br /> the existing Tommy Thompson Trail. This first Phase (Phase I) build of the Guemes Channel Trail, includes <br /> approximately 5,500 feet of the Trail. It begins at the Washington State Ferry Terminal along the southern and <br /> eastern upland buffer of the Ship Harbor wetland, and east along the historic railroad on the shoreline of <br /> Guemes Channel. Approximately 4,500 feet of the Phase I Build, requires a wetland/critical area survey and <br /> permitting to construct the Trail. <br /> DESCRIPTION OF TASK ASSIGNMENT <br /> The Consultant shall perform the following work: <br /> 1. Walk the proposed trail to collect data within a 50 foot corridor that details the biotic and abiotic <br /> conditions of the trail corridor. Adjacent shoreline and wetlands, particularly the Ship Harbor <br /> wetland, will be included in the site assessment to determine City CAO buffer requirements. We <br /> intend to meet with the City's, Rob Hoxie, on the site to discuss the proposed trail alignment. <br /> City will supply Consultant with needed base aerial photographs and/or survey data depicting <br /> trail stations and alignment. The information provided by City will allow Consultant to sufficiently <br /> determine the locations of specific biologically significant features that will be discussed within <br /> our existing conditions report. Consultant will field flag significant features and City will survey <br /> the features for mapping purposes. <br /> 2. Complete a functional assessment of the Ship Harbor wetland to determine the required buffer as <br /> per CAO requirements. <br /> 3. Complete an existing conditions report of said trail system. The existing conditions report shall <br /> include all stakeholder parcels. <br /> 4. Consult with City staff including parks department staff on trail design. Design recommendations <br /> shall include items such as trail placement, trail width, specific construction techniques for <br /> reduction of impacts, specific mitigation measures to reduce impacts and to mitigate for impacts. <br /> Recommendations may include culverts, fencing, strategically placed plants (spiney shrubs) or <br /> evergreen shrubs for reduction of potential buffer impacts. <br /> 5. Consultant shall complete a preliminary report on the proposed conditions. This report is <br /> intended to include and address all existing conditions, all proposed conditions, and mitigation <br /> strategies. City will review draft and return to Consultant to complete the final report. <br /> 6. Consultant shall prepare all final figures and drawings using base drawings from City. Base <br /> drawings shall include but not be limited to; vicinity map, trail location map, trail design map, <br /> cross sections, description of construction process, and mitigation recommendations. <br /> 7. Consultant shall prepare a Conditional Use Permit, Shorelines Permit, and Critical Areas Permit <br /> for the proposed project. <br />