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J. W. KOLOSKI ENGINEERING GEOLOGIST <br /> 15816 SE 160th PI. PHONE 253-831-2639 <br /> Renton,Washington 98058 EMAIL <br /> May 24, 2017 <br /> Mr. and Mrs. Allan Koskovich <br /> 15727 SE 160th PI. <br /> Renton, Washington 98058 JUL 3 1 2017 <br /> Geotechnical Consultation <br /> crYoFAS rA'vJd'ia_ <br /> Proposed Koskovich Residence <br /> 2418 12th Street <br /> Anacortes, Washington <br /> JWKEG Project No 0119-002 <br /> INTRODUCTION <br /> This consultation is performed for Mr. and Mrs. Allan Koskovich to describe the shallow <br /> soil and ground water conditions on the residential lot located at 2418 12`" Street in <br /> Anacortes, Washington. The subject lot is undeveloped at the present time and is <br /> located within an existing residential development area. The property is shown relative <br /> to surrounding streets on the"Test Pit Exploration Plan"attached to this report as <br /> Figure 1. The Koskovichs are owners of the subject lot. <br /> The investigation was requested by Mr. and Mrs. Allan Koskovich. The intent is to <br /> provide preliminary recommendations for the design of storm water control facilities and <br /> for earthwork and foundations for a proposed single family residence. The <br /> recommendations herein are intended to assist with development of a specific <br /> Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP), but this report is not intended to be that <br /> particular plan. <br /> The field investigation was accomplished on May 10, 2017 under the direction of Jon W. <br /> Koloski, LG, LEG, dba J. W. Koloski, Engineering Geologist (JWKEG). Information <br /> pertaining to the description of the lot and the proposed residence was provided to the <br /> undersigned by the Koskovichs. The information provided includes an aerial photograph <br /> topographic map of the lot and the surrounding area. In addition they provided various <br /> applicable excerpts from the City of Anacortes' regulations and guidelines concerning <br /> storm water management for residential development and certain references for <br /> residential permit applications. <br /> PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br /> The proposed residence will be a conventional wood-framed,two-story structure. The <br /> proposed residence structure will be located as close to the south lot boundary as <br /> JWKEG 0119-002 Page 1 of 7 <br />