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54. <br /> AMENDMENT#1 <br /> CONTRACT#01010 <br /> INTERLOCALCOOPERATIVE AGREEMENT <br /> COORDINATED WATER SYSTEM PLAN <br /> WHEREAS, Skagit County (hereinafter referred to as County), the City of Anacortes (hereinafter <br /> referred to as City),and the Skagit County Public UtilityDistrict#1 (hereinafter referred to as PUD)entered <br /> into an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement on June 10, 1991, the purpose of which was to share the costs <br /> for a Coordinated Water System Plan (CWSP) for addressing water resource issues within Skagit County; <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS,the Interlocal agreement authorized funds in equal shares from each entity in the amount <br /> of$22,133.33 each, which were to be used to hire a consultant to create the Coordinated Water System Plan <br /> (see Contract #001700 with Economic and Engineering Services, Inc.,hereinafter referred to as Contractor); <br /> and <br /> WHEREAS,during the period from September, 1992, through July, 1993, the three entities requested <br /> that the consultant perform additional tasks that are important to completion of the water resource planning <br /> for Skagit County as follows: <br /> 1) Additional printing, drafting and assembly of copies of the CWSP <br /> 2) Address issues such as population forcasting, design standards and fire flow which relate to local ' <br /> planning under the State Growth Management Act and which arose during the course of study <br /> 3) Facilitate and assist in development of an agreement between the City and PUD for joint development <br /> of operation of facilities <br /> WHEREAS,the completion of these additional tasks necessitate funding above and in excess of those <br /> funds authorized by the original Interlocal Cooperative Agreement. <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,BE IT UNDERSTOOD that the County, the City and the PUD hereby agree to <br /> amend Contract #01010, the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement for the Coordinated Water System Plan as <br /> follows: <br /> 1. The total amount due to the Contractor for authorized' services performed in addition to those listed <br /> in the original agreement with the Consultant is$33,100.00. <br /> 2. The Washington State Department of Health,hal allocated an additional $10,000 toward'a4he funding <br /> of these additional services. <br /> 3. The costs of the remainder of the amount due ($23,100) shall be equally shared by the three entities <br /> as follows: <br /> City share -$7,700 <br /> PUD share -$7,700 <br /> County share -$7,700 <br /> 4. The City and PUD portions in the amount of$7,700 each shall be payable to the County on or before <br /> August 31, 1993. <br /> 5. The term of the Interlocal Cooperative Agreement shall be extended to September 30, 1993, in order <br /> to complete the extra tasks delegated to the Consultant. <br />