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CONTRAC iiCHANGE ORDER MEMO <br /> i to tit <br /> DATE: Jan. 23. 2004 <br /> TO: DEAN MAXVELL FROM: BOB HYDE <br /> Mayor Director of Public Works <br /> Design & Oversee the Construction of <br /> 03-14-SEW the Ship Harbor Pump Station <br /> CONTRACT NUMBER CONTRACT TITLE <br /> CONTRACT ACTION <br /> EA Change Order Under$30,000 <br /> r j Construction —Sole Source Single Trade Under $5,000 <br /> rlConstruction —Sole Source— Multiple Trades Under $5,000 <br /> nConstruction —Sealed Bid Under$30,000 <br /> I 'Construction —Small Works Roster Under$30,000 <br /> nConsultant—Architectural — Engineering Project Under$30,000 <br /> 1NON-PUBLIC WORK—Sole Source Under $5,000 <br /> HNON-PUBLIC WORK— Bids Under $7,500 <br /> SUBJECT: <br /> Increase the LBS Ship Harbor Pump Station design contract to provide for additional engineering <br /> and SEPA requirements. <br /> BACKGROUND: <br /> The City contracted with LBS to provide design engineering and to complete the required <br /> shoreline permit process. To facilitate the negotiation process with the various property owners in <br /> the vicinity, LBS was requested on numerous occaisions to revise designs, attend meetings, and <br /> answer questions that were not originally forseen. In addition, an archeological assesment of the <br /> site and piping will be a part of the SEPA process that was not planned. <br /> DISCUSSION: <br /> Additional unforseen work was required of LBS in the design of the Ship Harbor Pump Station. <br /> RECOMMENDATIONS: <br /> Recommend the approval of this Change Order <br /> FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS: <br /> The original contract amount with LBS for the Ship Harbor Pump Station design was$45,000. <br /> This Change Order will add an additional $18,000 to BARS Account#440.09.31.594.35.64.33, for <br /> a total contract amount of$63,000. <br /> IMPACTS IF ACTION NOT TAKEN: <br /> C:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Jim's Files\CURRENT PROJECTS\SHIPS HARBOR PUMP STATION\Change Order 1.doc <br />