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ROBERT C. BOUDINOT,JR_, P.E. <br /> IN iv Leonard,Boudinot & Skodje Inc. JEFFREYA.SKODJE, PL.SAli . <br /> PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERS & LAND SURVEYORS <br /> February 14, 2005 <br /> Mr. Jeff Miller <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> P.O. Box 547 <br /> Anacortes, WA 98221 <br /> Reference: Task Order LBS-006 Modification to Revise and Complete Civil Engineering <br /> Services for the Design of Modifications and Improvements to Pumping Station <br /> #15, Located on 12th and `B' Street in the City of Anacortes <br /> Dear Jeff: <br /> The following scope of work and fee proposal is to revise and complete the plans, specifications <br /> and contract documents for the improvements and modifications to Pump Station 15. The <br /> revisions are based on comments during the project status meeting on January 20, 2005: <br /> 1. Revise project specifications: <br /> a. Add minimum experience qualifications for the Contractor relating to <br /> pump station retrofit work and sewage bypass operations. <br /> b. Add specifications for the replacement of the existing pump discharge <br /> elbows. <br /> c. Add construction staking to be performed by the Contractor. LBS <br /> survey crews will check the Contractor's work at critical milestones. <br /> Define the critical milestones. <br /> d. Add that the Contractor is to coordinate with TSI for telemetry <br /> upgrades. Possibly write this section requiring the Contractor to <br /> subcontract TSI for telemetry upgrades. <br /> 2. Revise plans (civil and electrical): <br /> a. Add control point coordinates, benchmark information, and <br /> coordinates for key components for Contractor to perform construction <br /> staking. <br /> b. Revise plans to incorporate other changes. Electrical plan revisions <br /> will be done by Kenneth Kok, electrical engineer. <br /> 3. Revise the engineer's estimate to reflect additions and revisions to both civil <br /> and electrical elements. <br /> 4. Bidding: <br /> c. Prepare and provide to the City of Anacortes twenty (20) sets_off <br /> contract documents and plans. City of Anacortes. will `--advertise e" <br /> project and distribute the plan sets. <br /> J:\2002\02175\ADM\CONT1tACT12005 Revised PS 1S Scope and Eee LIt doe - <br /> 603 South First Street,Mount Vernon,WA 98273,.(360)336 57fi474X(36))336 39$,1 C .-- <br /> Mailing Address:P O,Box 1228,,MoUnt.Vernon,WA 98273 E rnaiigddress,of fice@lbs me corn <br />