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Interagency Agreement Department of Enterprise Services <br /> Date:May 22,2014 Interagency Agreement No: IK2852 <br /> Interagency Agreement Between the <br /> State of Washington <br /> Department of Enterprise Services <br /> and the <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> This Agreement,pursuant to Chapter 39.34 RCW,is made and entered into by and between the <br /> Department of Enterprise Services,Facilities Division,Engineering&Architectural Services, <br /> hereinafter referred to as"DES", and the City of Anacortes,hereinafter referred to as the <br /> "CLIENT AGENCY". <br /> The purpose of this Agreement is to establish a vehicle for DES to provide future Energy/Utility <br /> Conservation Project Management and Monitoring Services to the CLIENT AGENCY and to <br /> authorize the development of the energy services proposal. <br /> Now therefore, in consideration of the terms and conditions contained herein,or attached and <br /> incorporated by reference and made a part hereof,the above-named parties mutually agree as <br /> follows: <br /> • <br /> 1. Statement of Work <br /> DES shall furnish the necessary personnel and services and otherwise do all things necessary <br /> for or incidental to the performance of the work set forth in Attachment"A"and Attachment <br /> "C", attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference. Unless otherwise specified,DES <br /> shall be responsible for performing all fiscal and program responsibilities as set forth in <br /> Attachment"A"and Attachment"C" <br /> Energy/Utility Conservation projects shall be authorized by Amendment to this Agreement. <br /> 2. Terms and Conditions <br /> All rights and obligations of the parties to this Agreement shall be subject to and governed by <br /> the terms and conditions contained in the text of this Agreement. <br /> The CLIENT AGENCY shall provide the Energy Services Company(ESCO)with any <br /> additional contract language necessary to comply with the requirements established under <br /> federal grants,the American Recovery&Reinvestment Act of 2009(ARRA)and the Energy <br /> Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant(EECBG). The ESCO and their subcontractors are <br /> required to comply with all applicable federal regulations and reporting procedures. <br /> • <br /> Interagency Agreement No.K2852 Page 1 of 5 <br />