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1:-Iii,'' s;, a", <br /> is, <br /> STATE OF WASHINGTON <br /> DEPARTMENT OF ENTERPRISE SERVICES <br /> 1500 Jefferson St.SE,Olympia, WA 98501 <br /> PO Box 41476,Olympia,WA 98504-1476 <br /> July 2, 2014 <br /> TO: G. Matt Reynolds,P.E., City of Anacortes <br /> FROM: Eddie Miller, Contracts Specialist, (360) 407-9363 <br /> RE: Agreement No. 2015-002 A(1) <br /> Detailed Investment Grade Energy Audit and Energy Services Proposal <br /> Ameresco, Inc. <br /> SUBJECT: Funding Approval <br /> The Department of Enterprise Services, E&AS, requires funding approval for the above <br /> referenced contract document(s). The amount required is as follows: <br /> Energy Audit and Energy Services Proposal $ 20,770.00 <br /> In accordance with the provisions of RCW 43.88, the signature affixed below certifies to the <br /> Facilities Division, Engineering&Architectural Services that the above identified funds <br /> are appropriated, allotted or that funding will be obtained from other sources available to <br /> the using client/agency. The using/client agency bears the liability for any issues related to <br /> the funding for this project. <br /> y /. '� <br /> B u�17 ��y � .7- 7 - / f <br /> Name/Title ` Date <br /> Please sign and return this form to E&AS. If you have any questions,please call me. <br /> 2015002Aauthem <br />