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INTERLOCAL JOINT PURCHASING AGREEMENT <br /> THIS AGREEMENT is between the CITY OF TACOMA, a political subdivision of the State of Washington, <br /> and the CITY OF ANACORTES,a political subdivision under the laws of the State of Washington. <br /> WITNESS ETH: <br /> WHEREAS, the Interlocal Cooperation Act,as amended, and codified in Chapter 39.34 of the Revised Code <br /> of Washington provided for interlocal cooperation between governmental agencies;and <br /> WHEREAS, Chapter 39.33 of the Revised Code of Washington provides for intergovernmental disposition of <br /> property;and <br /> WHEREAS, the parties desire to utilize each other's procurement agreements when it is in their mutual <br /> interest;-- <br /> NOW,THEREFORE,the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. PURPOSE: The purpose of this agreement is to acknowledge the parties' mutual interest to jointly bid the <br /> acquisition of goods and services where such mutual effort can be planned in advance and to authorize the <br /> acquisition of goods and services and the purchase or acquisition of goods and services under contracts where a <br /> price is extended by either party's bidder to other governmental agencies. <br /> 2. ADMINISTRATION: No new or separate legal or administrative entity is created to administer the provisions <br /> of this agreement. <br /> or <br /> 3. SCOPE: This agreement shall allow the following activities: <br /> A. Purchase or acquisition of goods and services by each party acting as agent for either or both parties <br /> when agreed to in advance, in writing; <br /> B. Purchase or acquisition of goods and services by each party where provision has been provided in <br /> contracts for other governmental agencies to avail themselves of goods and services offered under the <br /> contract and/or where either party's bidder is willing to extend prices to other governmental agencies. <br /> 4. DURATION AGREEMENT-TERMINATION: This agreement shall remain in force until canceled by either <br /> party in writing. <br /> 5. RIGHT TO CONTRACT INDEPENDENT ACTION PRESERVED: Each party reserves the right to contract <br /> independently for the acquisition of goods or services without notice to the other party and shall not bind or otherwise <br /> obligate the other party to participate in the activity. <br />