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U/l1 of 4 <br /> INTERLOCAL COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT <br /> FOR <br /> LIBRARY SERVICES <br /> This Interlocal Cooperative Agreement for Library Service is entered into between Skagit County, <br /> hereinafter referred to as "County", and the municipalities of Mount Vernon, Anacortes, Burlington, Sedro <br /> Woolley, and Concrete, hereinafter referred to as"Cities and Towns", and the LaConner Rural Partial County <br /> Library District, hereinafter referred to as "District". <br /> This Agreement is based upon the following facts and circumstances: <br /> The County does not, nor is it required by statute, to provide a general library service to the citizens residing <br /> in unincorporated Skagit County. <br /> Historically, each of the Cities and Towns has provided library service to residents and non-residents alike. <br /> Depending upon the policies in each of the Cities and Towns, non-residents have paid a fee for library <br /> services. <br /> Due to increasing competition for funding and increasing library usage, the Cities and Towns are having <br /> difficulty providing services to residents and non-residents alike. <br /> In 1993 votes within the LaConner School District approved establishment of the LaConner Rural Partial <br /> County Library District, thereby establishing a funding mechanism for the years 1995 and beyond. <br /> The County, in 1994, has made funding available for a portion of the costs to provide services to non- <br /> resident users of libraries located in the Cities and Towns, and a one-time service payment to the District. <br /> In consideration of the facts listed above, the parties agree as follows: <br /> 1. During 1994 the County will provide the Cities,Towns and District a total sum of $100,000 to assist <br /> in providing library services to the citizens of unincorporated Skagit County. This sum will be <br /> distributed to the Cities and Towns based upon the library book collection and circulation of each <br /> municipal library, and Concrete, which shall receive $4,000 each and the District which will receive <br /> one-time payment of $10,000. <br /> 2. Based upon circulation and collection figures provided by the Cities and Towns, the $100,000 will <br /> be distributed as follows: <br /> Mount Vernon $ 41,895 <br /> Anacortes $ 27,228 <br /> Burlington $ 11,196 <br /> Sedro Woolley $ 11,682 <br /> Concrete $ 4,000 <br /> District $ 10,000 <br /> Total $106,001 <br /> 3. Each of the Cities,Towns,and District will receive its payment for library services when the following <br /> information is provided to the County: <br /> a) Documentation that non-resident library users, except in the Town of Concrete and the <br /> District, pay at least $10 per library card. <br /> r'r lt7C� LM7-riC r 14017--ok-__ , �,�� <br />