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The designated dispatch agency shall be notified of the following: <br /> (a) Receipt and response to call. <br /> (b) Arrival at scene. <br /> (c) Transport to City or other destination. <br /> (d) Arrival at City or other destination. <br /> (e) In service, ready for next call. <br /> (f) Back in quarters. <br /> The dispatch agency shall be notified immediately of any reason the ALS <br /> ambulance is out of service and unavailable for response pursuant to the terms of this <br /> Agreement. <br /> 1.1.6 Backup Ambulance Service. Backup ambulance service shall be available on <br /> a 24-hours per day, 7-days per week basis when both Med 13 and Med 14 are responding to a <br /> call. This may be provided by Med 15 and/or through mutual-aid agreements with other ALS <br /> Ambulance providers within Skagit County, together with additional coverage pursuant to call <br /> back arrangement with ambulance crew members. The minimum staffing of the backup <br /> ambulance shall be one(1) ALS person(EMT-Paramedic) and one (1) Emergency Medical <br /> Technician (EMT). <br /> Copies of mutual-aid agreements made and entered into to satisfy this backup <br /> ambulance service requirement shall be promptly filed with the Council. <br /> 1.1.7 Personnel and Training. City shall employ, during the term of this agreement <br /> and any renewal thereof, an adequate number of ALS personnel (EMT-Paramedic) and EMT's <br /> so as to be able to provide the services required hereunder. <br /> Each Paramedic Ambulance shall be staffed with a minimum of one Paramedic <br /> and one Emergency Medical Technician as required by Washington Administrative Code <br /> Chapter 246-976. EMS certified personnel shall be acceptable to the Skagit County EMS <br /> Medical Program Director or his delegate. <br /> All ALS and EMT personnel shall be certified to the standards of the Department <br /> of Health of the State of Washington and any and all other laws applicable to such personnel, as <br /> the same are now in effect or as may hereafter be amended; and also be under the direct Medical <br /> Control and supervision of the Skagit County EMS Medical Program Director or his designee. <br /> The City shall use its best efforts to secure qualified personnel to staff the <br /> Ambulances as contemplated herein. However, City shall not be liable for breach of this <br /> agreement if sufficient qualified staff fail to apply for positions, due to additional requirements <br /> of the Skagit County EMS Medical Program Director or his delegate, required for City to meet <br /> its obligations under this Agreement. In the event City is unable to procure sufficient qualified <br /> personnel to staff the Ambulances in accordance with the provisions of Section 1.1.7 it will <br /> notify the EMS Council within seven(7) days of reaching this conclusion and will meet upon <br /> request to negotiate regarding the effect such circumstance shall have on this Agreement. <br /> 3 <br />