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AUG 152011 <br /> J <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES <br /> �Vv <br /> GENERAL INSTRUCTIONS AND CAVEATS <br /> This template presents the recommended structure and content for preparation of a <br /> Construction Stormwater General Permit (CSWGP) Stormwater Pollution Prevention <br /> Plan (SWPPP). <br /> The Washington State Department of Ecology's (Ecology) CSWGP requirements inform <br /> the structure and content of this SWPPP template; however, you must customize this <br /> template to reflect the conditions of your site. <br /> A Construction Stormwater Site Inspection Form can be found on Ecology's website. <br /> <br /> Using the SWPPP Template <br /> Each section will include instructions and space for information specific to your project. <br /> Please read the instructions for each section and provide the necessary information <br /> when prompted. This Word template can be modified electronically. You may <br /> add/delete text, copy and paste, edit tables, etc. Some sections may be completed with <br /> brief answers while others may require several pages of explanation. <br /> Follow this link to a copy of the Construction Stormwater General Permit: <br /> <br />