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Oath Of Office <br /> City of Anacortes ) <br /> State of Washington ) ss <br /> County of Skagit ) ) <br /> I, Elizabeth Lovelett, <br /> Do Solemnly Swear I Will Support <br /> The Constitution and Laws of the United States, <br /> The Constitution and Laws of the State of Washington,- <br /> The Ordinances of the City of Anacortes; <br /> And I Will Faithfully and Impartially Perform <br /> And Discharge the Duties of the Office of <br /> Councilmember <br /> For the City of Anacortes, <br /> Tc the Best of My Ability. <br /> S1 Help Me God. <br /> Si.nature of Encilmember <br /> Subscribed and Sworn To Before Me This <br /> • 23rd Day of December, 2013 <br /> Steven D. Hoglund,. City Clerk, City of Anacortes <br />