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ter <br /> 46 <br /> PLANNING,COMMUNITY,&ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT <br /> 0 c. Mailing Address: PO Box 547,Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Phone:360.299.1984,Fax: 360.293.1938 <br /> A. tO ,:4v C@ pl tC 7 ssidenti t Stormrsalg Plan Chc ek115t <br /> .4C®s r,Po <br /> A PetpergE nts 1.5 <br /> MAR 072018 <br /> Stormwater requirements are based on the 2012 Stormwater Management Manual for Western <br /> Washington(SWMMWW).A link is provided on the City of Anacortes website,under Planning �I <br /> Department,Stormwater Regulations,as well as under the Engineering Division of Public Works. <br /> Residential construction is exempt from additional stormwater provisions if it involves no expansion of <br /> hard surfaces, no use beyond that previously existing,and results in no significant adverse hydrological <br /> impact. <br /> Building permit applications for lots that are part of a subdivision that was recorded no more than 10 <br /> years prior to the date of the complete building permit application may continue to use the stormwater <br /> codes in effect at the time the subdivision application was submitted, if stormwater was addressed at <br /> the subdivision/plat level. If construction has not started as of January 1, 2022,the site will be subject to <br /> the 2012/2014 manual. <br /> If your project adds less than 2,000 sq.ft.of new plus replaced hard surface area,AND which disturbs <br /> less than 7,000 square feet of land,you must consider all 13 Elements of the Construction Stormwater <br /> Pollution Plan(SWPPP). Fill out the SWPPP Checklist and explain how the elements are considered,or <br /> describe how site conditions render the element unnecessary and the exemption from that element is <br /> clearly justified.You will not need to continue with this document. <br /> If your project adds 2,000 sq.ft.or more of new plus replaced hard surface area,OR which disturbs <br /> 7,000 sq.ft.or more of land-Minimum Requirements 1-S of the SMARMY apply,and you can <br /> continue with this document. If adding 5,000 sq.ft.or more of new hard surfaces/OR converting 32,670 <br /> sq.ft.or more of vegetation to lawn or landscaped area/OR converting 108,900 sq.ft.or more of native <br /> vegetation to pasture— v':inimum Requirements 1-9 of the Sy.'MMWW apply. If Minimum <br /> requirements 1-9 apply, please see the Large Scale Stormwater Plan Checklist for additional submittal <br /> requirements. <br /> u caner Name: 48 IJo(TW4n4440-16 /Li'` Site Address: �/TuOE ( CzE <br /> Brief Description of the Project: <br /> etA <br /> g)0-f//i T 1c _ /2E©clfizE ekirr <br /> Pm Developed Conditions£ Runglf of the Site: <br /> Page 1 of 4 <br /> March 22,2017 <br />