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III I III 1111111 flU II UI 1 III! <br /> 0 712050060 <br /> Skagit County Auditor $79.00 <br /> 12/5/2017 Page 1 of 6 3:07PM <br /> DOCUMENT TITLE:WATER CONVEYANCE SYSTEM <br /> FOR: KOSKOVICH RESIDENCE A NEW CONSTRUCTION SITE <br /> LOCATED AT: 2418 12th St,Anacortes WA.98221 <br /> REVISED 12-5-17; ORIGINALLY SIGNED: 7-27-17 <br /> GRANTER(S): Dave and Lori Lean <br /> LEGAL DESCRIPTION: <br /> 1100 A Ave,Anacortes WA 98221 <br /> Parcel#P31541 NW Quarter Section 13,Township 35 North, Range 01 East,Wilamette Meridan. <br /> XrefiD 350113-0-054-0008 <br /> GRANTEE(S):Allen and Patty Koskovich <br /> LEGAL DESCRIPTION: <br /> 2418 12th St.Anacortes,WA 98221 <br /> Parcel#129965 NW Quarter Section 24,Township 35, Range 01 XrefiD 3772-243-015-0108 <br /> Owners Allen and Patty Koskovich recommend that storm water from roof downspouts and footing <br /> drains at 2418 12th St.Anacortes be collected at the preexisting Catch Basin located across A Avenue at <br /> 1100 A Ave for their SWIPP Plan.This connection is where the water will disperse in a 6" pipe from the <br /> Catch Basin to an exit point near the beach. <br /> The Catch Basin for this residence was designed with a 6" pipe.The engineer designing the Catch Basin <br /> agrees the design will accept a second residence, has a second port and has signed in agreement.This <br /> also supports Jon Koloski's geotechnical report confirming the lot is not suitable for a storm water <br /> infiltration system (filed with the city of Anacortes). <br /> Engineer:Jim Schemmer of the SG Schemmer Group Engineering PLLC#360-293-9006 <br /> 301 30th St Suite C,Anacortes WA 98221 <br />