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TASK ORDER 05-071-TRN-001 <br /> Issued Under Basic Ordering Agreement 05-064-ADM-001 <br /> Between the City of Anacortes and Leonard, Boudinot & Skodje, Inc. <br /> Page 2 of 4 <br /> Civil Engineering (Continued) <br /> Final Plans, Specifications and Bid Documents for Contract Phase I, the Consultant shall also deliver an <br /> engineering estimate in bid document format. <br /> Deliverables <br /> The Consultant shall submit the following deliverables: <br /> • Submit one (1)set of draft Engineering D-Sized Drawings (topographic maps and plans)for City <br /> review and approval by March 21, 2008. Submittal shall be in both hardcopy and electronic copy. The <br /> Consultant shall receive review and approval from Gilbane Development before submitting the <br /> drawings to the City. <br /> • Submit three (3) hardcopies and one electronic copy of the final D-Sized Drawings and one(1) <br /> reproducible copy and one electronic copy in WORD format of the Final Plans, Specifications and <br /> Contract Documents for Construction Phase I (See Exhibit A) by April 11, 2008. <br /> • The Consultant's Principal shall attend the pre-bid conference <br /> • As needed, the Consultant's Principal shall provide support to the City Project Manager during the <br /> bidding process in answering potential offerors' technical questions. <br /> The delivery dates stated above assume that the Consultant will receive review comments and approval of the <br /> draft plans one week from receipt. Secondly, this schedule assumes that the bid opening for Construction <br /> Phase I will occur no later than May 31, 2008. <br /> The Basic Ordering Agreement between the City of Anacortes and Leonard, Boudinot, &Skodje, Inc. BOA <br /> No. 05-064-ADM-001, shall be in full force and effect for this Task Order. <br /> COMPENSATION <br /> The work authorized under this Task Order shall be performed on a Time and Materials basis for a total not-to- <br /> exceed amount of Eighteen Thousand Dollars ($18,000). Reimbursement for hours and materials delivered <br /> under this Order shall be reimbursed at the rates shown in Exhibit B, which is a copy of the rates submitted by <br /> the Consultant for Year 2008. <br /> SCHEDULE <br /> All work shall be completed by May 31, 2008. <br /> APPROVED <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES LEONARD, BOUDINOT, &SKODJE, INC. <br /> By H. Dean Maxwell By <br /> 9 <br /> Signature Signature .2( ,t'\ <br /> � T <br /> Title Mayor Title <br /> Date Date ��� I '/c <br />