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EXHIBIT A <br /> TASK ORDER 09-011-TRN-003 <br /> Issuance of an Approved Environmental Classification Summary for <br /> 6th Street Improvements from I Avenue to 0 Avenue <br /> Environmental Review and Permitting <br /> PROJECT UNDERSTANDING <br /> The project consists of preparing and completing an Environmental Classification <br /> Summary(ECS)to be submitted on behalf of the City to Regional WSDOT Offices <br /> (Agency) to acquire proper environmental permitting prior to constructing 6th Street <br /> Improvements from I Avenue to 0 Avenue, Anacortes,WA. The ECS applications shall <br /> address Section 106 and Area Potential Effect (APE) requirements. <br /> SCOPE OF WORK <br /> The construction project will be partially funded by Federal Highway Administration and <br /> environmental reviews and necessary permits must be obtained in accordance with Local <br /> Agency Guidelines (LAG) manual before construction begins. The Consultant shall <br /> provide environmental consultant services in support of the following tasks: <br /> Tasks <br /> 1. Collect the available documentation concerning the project activities, existing <br /> habitat data, species distribution data, and other pertinent biological infoiiiiation. <br /> Review the information and develop a consultation strategy. <br /> 2. Review current species and habitat infouuation from NMFS and USFWS. <br /> 3. Conduct a field reconnaissance to determine if the species are present and <br /> investigate on-site habitat conditions and other observations related to project <br /> impact evaluations. <br /> 4. Make telephone contacts with the appropriate resource agency staff for input on <br /> species occurrence, habitat use, and potential impacts. <br /> 5. Prepare a draft ECS, and a cultural resource information from the previous ECS <br /> for the ferry terminal building project. <br /> 6. Revise the above reports as appropriate and provide 5 copies to the City for <br /> Agency coordination. <br /> 7. Incorporate A <br /> 8. gency revision recommendations into final documentation. <br /> Deliverables <br /> 1. An approved Environmental Classification Summary (ECS). <br /> 2. Section 106 APE and Approval <br /> 3. Section Seven No Effect <br /> R:\Active Projects\PW_2009\PW-09-011-TRN 6th Street Reconstruction Project\B-Design Stage\B.1 Consultant <br /> Contracts\B.1.a Task Order Agreement\Widener&Associates\6th Street_SOW.doc <br />