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CONTRACT 13-016-TRN-003 <br /> EXHIBIT B <br /> Herrigstad Engineering&Surveying <br /> Guemes Channel Trail Phase VII Construction Engineering Services <br /> Statement of Work <br /> The Consultant shall provide engineering and surveying services during the Phase VII construction of the <br /> Guemes Channel Trail. The Consultant shall provide engineering support during construction and <br /> support design changes that may be required as the project progresses. Survey services to be provided <br /> by the Consultant will cover the entire 3,260 feet of trail which tracks along 30 feet of an old railway <br /> right-of-way. The 30-foot right-of-way is centered on the old rail location which is now defined as the <br /> center of the remaining rail road ties. <br /> The Consultant may be required to provide responses to contractor questions on drawing changes. <br /> Surveying will demark the extent of clearing limits with a 3-foot lath marked with flagging at <br /> approximately 50 OC. The survey will include hand clearing to the survey marks as needed. The 30-foot <br /> right-of-way will be marked on the water side of the future trail along the Sayre property from <br /> approximately Station 20+35 to Station 32+60 or the beginning of the Lovric property. A boundary <br /> survey may need recording at the end of the project. <br /> In addition,the Consultant shall provide geotechnical observation services to observe construction of <br /> the new trail to confirm that the site conditions are in accordance with the Report and the plans and <br /> specifications, and to provide consultation to the City and contractor regarding earthwork activities. For <br /> each geotechnical site visit,a written report shall be submitted reporting geotechnical observations of <br /> activities performed by the contractor. Geotechnical consultation during the project shall be provided <br /> as requested using accepted geotechnical testing procedures in conjunction with observation services. <br /> The estimated hours assumes six(6) half-day site visits for this effort including travel time and field <br /> report. Specific observation points to construction include: <br /> • Trail embankment fill and rock armoring placement <br /> • Condition of the trail subgrade,geotextile fabric placement, and pavement based preparation <br /> • Gravity block wall construction including subgrade preparation, placement of leveling course, <br /> drainage installation, and block placement <br /> The estimated level of effort for this project is as follows: <br /> Surveying 40 Hours <br /> Engineering 120 Hours <br /> Brush Clearing 12 Hours <br /> Geotechnical 34 hours <br />