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Contract Number 13-016-TRN-003 <br /> Modification 01 <br /> Page 2 of 2 <br /> ARTICLE III. Subcontracts <br /> Insert the following as the fourth paragraph under this provision: <br /> "Thereby, GeoEngineers is hereby authorized as a Subconsultant per the terms herein and <br /> will provide the geotechnical support described under the Scope of Work." <br /> ARTICLE IV. Payment Terms <br /> Second paragraph, following the first sentence, insert the following: <br /> "Rates for geotechnical support shall be in accordance with Subconsultant 2004 Schedule of Charges <br /> which is enclosed as Exhibit C." <br /> All other terms and conditions remain unchanged. <br /> The parties acknowledge that there has been an opportunity to negotiate the terms and conditions <br /> of this Modification and agree to be bound accordingly. <br /> CITY OF ANACORTES HERRIGSTAD ENGINEERING &SURVEYING <br /> BY 51 BYV <br /> Laurie G re, Mayor Signature ,��,..nn <br /> Date 1 • i y ' l�' Printed Name PCE A / J F t&i& 6 :J/D <br /> Title Pk E5 I PI AJ <br /> Date AMtPt (9 67/5 <br /> FOR GOVERNMENT USE ONLY <br /> Original Agreement Amount $20,320.00 Original Contract Completion Date 6/30/2015 <br /> Current Agreement Amount $20,320.00 Current Contract Completion Date 6/30/2015 <br /> Change Per this Modification $ 7.250.00 Net Change 0 days <br /> Total After Amendment $27,570.00 Completion Date After Change 6/30/2015 <br /> APPROV S: <br /> ?A' <br /> P anage Date <br /> Public Worp ite tor Date <br /> CACk I C <br /> Finance Director Date <br />