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Contract Number 13-016-TRN-003 <br /> G1zY o� Modification 01 <br /> Date January 2, 2015 <br /> 00 <br /> 4'4/ <br /> 0 <br /> oR 'w Modification No. 01 <br /> Page 1 of 2 Pages <br /> Contract Number 13-016-TRN-003 <br /> Contract Title Guemes Channel Trail Phase VII Construction Engineering Services <br /> Prime Contractor Herrigstad Engineering &Surveying <br /> PREAMBLE <br /> In accordance with Article 16. Changes/Additional Work, as cited in the Agreement, this modification <br /> authorizes additional work as described under Article I below. Accordingly, the not-to-exceed amount is <br /> revised from $20,320.00 by$7,250.00 to$27,570.00. <br /> ARTICLE I. Scope of Work <br /> Delete the first and second paragraphs in their entirety and insert the following: <br /> "Under this Agreement, the Consultant shall provide construction engineering services <br /> and surveying services to demarcate clearing and construction limits of the Guemes <br /> Channel Trail - Phase VII Project. <br /> The Consultant shall provide geotechnical oversight to observe construction of the new <br /> trail (Phase VII) and confirm that site conditions are in accordance with Geotechnical <br /> Report entitled `Geologically Hazardous Area Assessment, Guemes Channel Trail <br /> Extension, Anacortes, Washington' dated May 16, 2014 (Report), which was issued <br /> during the design of the Guemes Channel Trail Phase VII. Additionally, the Consultant <br /> shall provide geotechnical consultation regarding matters such as deviations that may <br /> occur from the plans and specifications. Geotechnical consultation shall be responsive <br /> so that appropriate field decisions can be made immediately in support of the project <br /> schedule. <br /> Attached Exhibit B which supersedes Exhibit A is hereby incorporated by reference and <br /> made a part hereof to describe the services in more detail. <br /> The work shall be performed under the direction of City Project Manager, Matt Reynolds <br /> who may be contacted at(360) 299-1951 or mattr@cityofanacortes.orq." <br /> ARTICLE II. Price <br /> Delete the paragraph in its entirety and insert the following: <br /> "The work performed under this Agreement shall be performed on a time-and-materials <br /> (T&M) basis not-to-exceed Twenty-Seven Thousand Five Hundred Seventy Dollars <br /> ($27,570.00). The estimated level of effort is stated in Exhibit B. Payment terms are set <br /> forth in Article 4 Payment Terms." <br />