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Contract Number 13-016-TRN-002 <br /> 1SY 0� Modification 03 <br /> `, Date February 2, 2015 <br /> 41 <br /> '/Doge' <br /> Page 1 of 2 Pages <br /> Contract Number 13-016-TRN-002 <br /> Contract Title Guemes Channel Trail Project <br /> Prime Contractor Strandberg Excavation & Commercial Construction, Inc. <br /> PREAMBLE <br /> In accordance with Provisions 1-04.4 Changes as cited in Standard Specifications for Road, Bridge, and <br /> Municipal Construction 2014, this modification provides an equitable price adjustment based upon the changes <br /> to the Work. During this fall/winter season, Anacortes experienced periods of heavy rain and continuous rain <br /> so we had to reconsider the material used to build the trail. Originally, pit run was expected to be suitable, but <br /> then had to substitute shot rock. During late December 2014, we had to use riprap which had more rock with <br /> fewer fines and provide to be suitable for the weather conditions and construction continued. Accordingly, the <br /> quantity under Item 15, "Shot Rock Including Haul", will be reduced from 5,910 tons to 3,700 tons. And a new <br /> Line Item 54, entitled "Riprap Including Haul", will be added at a quantity of 4,500 tons. <br /> The Contract is amended as follows: <br /> ARTICLE I. WORK <br /> Modify the first sentence in the Second Paragraph to read as follows: <br /> Second Paragraph: <br /> Upon issuance of Modifications 01 through 03, the aforementioned Plans, <br /> Specifications, and Contract Documents are revised to include the following Work: <br /> Modify Item 3 under the Second Paragraph to read as follows: <br /> 3. The top surface for Guemes Channel Trail is revised from gravel base to shot rock <br /> or riprap as needed (Reference 9-03.14(2)WSDOT Standard Specifications). <br /> ARTICLE II. PRICE <br /> Delete in its entirety and insert the following: <br /> The Total Contract Price is Eight Hundred Twenty-Three Thousand Six Hundred <br /> Ninety-Eight Dollars ($823,698.00). The Contractor's bid schedule incorporated by <br /> reference as Exhibit A was superseded by Exhibit B, which was superseded by Exhibit D, <br /> which is superseded by Exhibit E which is attached hereto and incorporated by reference. <br /> All other terms and conditions except those explicitly changed hereunder remain unchanged. <br />