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Contract Number 13-016-TRN-002 <br /> Modification 01 <br /> Page 2 of 3 <br /> Third Paragraph: <br /> Page 88, 1-08 PROSECUTION AND PROGRESS, 1-08.5 Time for Completion, is revised to read: <br /> Section 1-08.5 is supplemented with the following: <br /> Physical Completion for this project shall be in accordance with Article ill of the <br /> Contract. <br /> Fourth Paragraph: <br /> Page 62, 1-04 SCOPE OF WORK, 1-04.2 Coordination of Contract Documents, Plans, Special <br /> Provisions, Specifications, and Addenda, which modifies WSDOT Standard Specifications is revised to <br /> read: <br /> Any inconsistency in the parts of the contract shall be resolved by following this order of <br /> precedence (e.g. 1 presides over 2, 2 over 3, 3 over 4, and so forth): <br /> 1. Proposal Form <br /> 2. Special Provision 1-07.6 Permits <br /> 3. Addenda <br /> 4, Special Provisions except Special Provision 1-07.6 <br /> 5, Contract Plans <br /> 6. Amendments to the Standard Specifications <br /> 7. Standard Specifications <br /> 8. Contracting Agency's Standard Plans or Details (if any) <br /> 9. WSDOT Standard Plans for Road, Bridge, and Municipal Construction <br /> ARTICLE II. PRICE <br /> Delete in its entirety and insert the following: <br /> The Total Contract Price is Seven Hundred Forty-Four Thousand Three Hundred <br /> Eighty-Three Dollars ($744,383.00). The Contractor's bid schedule incorporated by <br /> reference and attached hereto as Exhibit A is superseded Exhibit B which is attached <br /> hereto and incorporated by reference. <br /> ARTICLE III. TIME <br /> Delete in its entirety and insert the following: <br /> Work shall begin the first working day following the Notice to Proceed and shall essentially <br /> complete, except for paving, within 102 calendar days thereafter. Between this time, <br /> namely by February 27, 2015 and the time paving begins, the Work shall be under <br /> Suspension. Once the Contractor notifies the City that paving can begin on site, the <br /> Suspension will be rescinded in writing, and the contract days shall resume for a maximum <br /> of 10 additional calendar days. The maximum days authorized under Contract is 112 <br /> calendar days. In no event shall Substantial Completion occur later than June 30, 2015. <br />