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EXHIBIT A-1 <br /> MacLeod Reckord Scope of Work <br /> Supplemental Contract No.3 <br /> August 9, 2017 <br /> City of Anacortes <br /> GUEMES CHANNEL TRAIL PHASE 2 <br /> PROJECT DESCRIPTION <br /> The Scope of Work is more fully described in the attached Exhibit A-1a Detailed Scope of Work <br /> Supplemental No. 2 from Environmental Services (ESA). MacLeod Reckord (MR) is providing <br /> supporting documentation for the work described by ESA. <br /> The Project Area is as defined by the limits shown on the attached Exhibit 1. <br /> OUTLINE OF SCOPE OF SERVICES <br /> The MacLeod Reckord team will complete the environmental work necessary to complete the <br /> NEPA process, with documentation based on the completed 30% plan set. Scope of work shall <br /> consist of the following: <br /> Task 6. Environmental Support Services <br /> Subtask 6.1 Wetland and Critical Areas <br /> Subtask 6.2 Cultural Resource Assessment <br /> Subtask 6.3 Environmental Support Services Task Management <br /> Subtask 6.4 Section 4(f) Evaluation <br /> Subtask 6.5 Environmental Justice Technical Memorandum <br /> Subtask 6.6 NEPA Evaluation and Documentation <br /> SUPPORT TASKS BY MACLEOD RECKORD <br /> Support documentation and review is being provided by MacLeod Reckord for the following <br /> subtasks (see ESA task descriptions for full scope of work): <br /> 6.1.2 City of Anacortes Critical Areas Ordinance Review: MacLeod Reckord will concurrently <br /> review the City's draft revised Critical Areas Ordinance and coordinate with ESA on issues relating <br /> to impact to trail design, construction sequencing, and environmental mitigation design. Review of <br /> the ordinance will take into account other phases (3 and 6) of the trail. Results, recommendations, <br /> and concerns will be incorporated into ESA's technical memo. <br /> 6.1.3 Endangered Species Act Coordination: MacLeod Reckord will provide an overview of the <br /> drainage/stormwater existing conditions and design concepts to manage drainage. This will not be <br /> a formal drainage report, based on the fact there are no pollution generating impervious surfaces <br /> being added to the project. A technical memo will be provided to ESA for incorporation into the <br /> Biological Assessment. MacLeod Reckord will provide review/comment of the draft BA. <br /> Y q,. <br />