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b. A minimum of three (3) off-street parking spaces must be provided for the principal and <br /> accessory dwelling units. <br /> 7. The appearance and character of the dwelling shall be maintained when viewed from the <br /> surrounding neighborhood. Only one(1) entrance to the residential structure may be located on <br /> any street side of the structure; provided that this limitation shall not affect the eligibility of a <br /> residential structure which has more than one (1) entrance on the front or street side on the <br /> effective date of the original ADU ordinance. <br /> 8. If a building permit is required, it must be issued before any construction or conversion work is <br /> done to establish the accessory dwelling unit. <br /> I, fi 1O T 11. , declare that pursuant to Anacortes Municipal <br /> Code § 19.44. 20, I am the landowner of tax parcel # J e, . located at <br /> and that I am making application to create an <br /> Accessory Dwelling Unit that will be in compliance with Anacortes Municipal Code regulations <br /> stated above and listed in AMC 19.44.020, and requiring that the property owner(s) resides in the <br /> principal dwelling unit or the accessory dwelling unit. <br /> I hereby certify that the information on this application is true and correct and that the applicable <br /> requirements of the City of Anacortes will be met. As property owner(s),I declare that I will notify <br /> any prospective purchaser of the occupancy limitations of the Accessory Dwelling Unit as regulated <br /> by Anacortes Municipal Code. Furthermore, if any of the provisions of Anacortes Municipal Code <br /> 19.44.020 are violated, it is acknowledged that this is cause of the removal of the Accessory <br /> Dwelling Unit. I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington that the <br /> foregoing is true and correct and will be addressed should a transfer of property ownership occur. <br /> Executed at ` {.\ yc o , Washington this I c2 th day of <br /> 20 I <br /> D c1ar.n Declarant <br /> 'h taut- Fc� e�-T g i cp P�0 <br /> I � <br />