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r <br /> 889 <br /> ai: ord-i_-c:r.ce prokcdbi-cinC the ae, firin; or use of firecrackers,, <br /> rockets, torpedoes, itoman card.les,or other firev.orks or substa:.ces designed. or <br /> inter,:.-'ed for pyrotechnic di:splav-, or of pistols, cares, caYbions, or other appli- <br /> ances using blonk ct?rtriciges or caps cortai::ing chlorate of potash mixture, or <br /> the storame or sale thereof within the City of i�r -cortes; pr. ovidinLj <br /> g a penalty <br /> for the violation of this wr-dinanne; and repealing ordinarice number 832 ar.di all <br /> ordinances or parts of orOilien.ces i:_ conflict ,•!ith this ordir.arce. <br /> '2I:L CITY CGULCI.LOF TLS'!; CITY. 0r' llC <br /> t l'Cli'ior I. It sjia_ll be unlawful to ftscharoe, fire or uce firecrackers, rock- <br /> Otis, torpedoes, Homan candles, or other fireworks or substances 6esi-T.ed and <br /> i.itended for pyrotechnic display, and of pistols, canes, carrors, or other ap- <br /> plivr.ces using blank cartridges or caps corta.ining chlorate of potash mixture, <br /> rithin the Cit;,• of i:.nacortes, or to offer for sale or keep it stock or ir stor- <br /> age any of the said articles ;:it'hin the Cit;; of•tes: provided, hor•ever <br /> that the L:ayor or City Council may order the public display of fireworks by in- <br /> dividuals :hori they may deem qualified to hand-lo the Same; provided further <br /> that suc.,.h display or c'isplFys ;sba.11 be of --u,-,h cha.rar.t r C;Md :so located, dis- <br /> charged or fired as it the opi-Flior of the -,�"hief of the Fire Department, shall <br /> not be hazardous to property or erclarger f:�r peroor_ or pdrsons. <br /> 2. It siba.J_l be lav,ful and it .-ball be the cluty of the Chiof of the <br /> Fire Dopart;i-er_t,if ho hat:, reason to believe ths:t 'i;1.3_S ord.i:arce is beirg vio- <br /> lated,to malee searct-_ of prom.:es to obtain ;;viden� a of :suer violation. <br /> 3. '.�ac•h day of violation• of t ie ordira:-ce b;r arfir :s'�.all be deer <br /> ed a separate offc;::se. <br /> b.:•CTION 4. Any person violating th&s ordinance or a;.;j provision. t:hcreof shall <br /> be deemed. auwltJ of a iisdemezr.or and shall be fired ir_ any soil not less than <br /> ,, 5.00 nor more than ;...25.00 for each offense. <br /> 6:;,TCTION $. That ordinance I'rumber 832 beim; an ordinance entitled an ardinonce <br /> prohibiting; the firing or discharge of fireworks and. pyrotechnic display; and <br /> L.11 orv-ir_an^es or parts of ordinances in conflict c!ith thi;3 ordinance are hereb; <br /> rept.aled. <br /> a. CTION 6. 'That this ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after <br /> five (,ay s after its publiccntion. <br /> Passed this % day of July, 1938. <br /> _",ttest: ;.c.,-or. <br /> City/Glork. <br /> L,pproved Jul-,r 1938; <br /> Publiabcd T 1.938. <br /> L� <br />