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r, <br /> Beinm an ordinancedeclaring obstructions and. encroachments o,z streets,ave- <br /> nues,alleys and public places in the Cit;r of. ,-..-.acortes, a public nuisance,, and <br /> providing penalties therefor. <br /> TIL. CITY COUIX II, OF TH',. ' C I' T OF iaii .COnT,-.z) DO OLii__II' _.6 P01.10- <br /> ���U'lIUid 1. An-i person rrho,witl^out first having; obt-ined from the city <br /> council of the Citr of r_nacortes permission so to do, shall construct any build. <br /> ding, structure or encroachment of any kind,or cause the same to be constructed <br /> upon a public highway, street, avenue, alley, or public place within the said <br /> city, or the same having been constructed, to cause the same to remain or,v..Iho <br /> shall live in or maintain,or cause to remain any suer building structure or <br /> encroachment on- any street, avenue, alley or public place witihin said city, <br /> without having obtained permission so to do from the city council of said city, <br /> shall be deemed guilty of a public nuisance. <br /> L;ECTIM 2. Each day any person shall oven, occupy,maintain or cause to <br /> remain,an„ building,structure or encroachment upon ar_'# street, avenue, alley <br /> or public place in said city without first having obtained permission Brom the <br /> city council of said city, shall be deemed and. treated;and may be prosecuted <br /> as a separate and distinct offense under the provisions of this ordinance. <br /> bECTION 3. Any person who shall be found guilty of a public nuisan(:e. as <br /> in this ordinance defined shall be fined in ary sure not exceeding one hundred <br /> dollars,or imprisoned in jail for any period not exceeding thirty three days. <br /> ��G`^IOH 4. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict with this <br /> ordinance are hereby repealed. <br /> oECTIOR1 5. This orai.nerre shall take effect and be in force from and <br /> after five days after its publ' ,ration. . <br /> Passed th&s 2/f*daT, of June, 1938,after having been first <br /> approved by the city attorney. <br /> �_ �,ea � 1�_. <br /> rublisredlayor <br /> , June, 1938. (/ , <br /> (COIIPOl:tiT A' 61-LM) <br /> Attest: <br /> Y <br />