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r. 4RIDINUOB Not, 885 <br /> i <br /> `;- ► <br /> ordimme levying a tax upon the "al and personal property withia <br /> the City of Anaoortes, fragit.. Oovm�ty, nington, for nuuioipal. PWIM8e9 <br /> <: top the year 1939. <br /> 288 CITT COMCIL Or M QjTr O! MACORTBS DO ORDAIN AS S'OLLO'1am <br />;; S�➢C2IcS{ 1,. 'lMt' the asmosomeat roll for the year 1937 as made by the <br /> eoasty assessor sad egm411W- by the soanty and state boards of equal- <br /> isation be, and the since fiereb;; 3s, approved, adopted and oonfirxed, and <br /> the various valuations usawd tb*r*on so collected and equalised and <br /> t; granted to be the assessed valuailga of the real and perreonal property <br /> gher"n er1b*d. <br /> UCTI01 .g. ?hat there be and there b reb7 in levied upon all real =4 � <br /> personal property subject to taxatUm within the limits of the 61ty of <br /> Asaeortea„ SkAgit County, gashiagto%4 for as miaipal pwVo*os, indebted <br /> nes• jounde_jmd sinking fhud of said olty, park fund, f1rements relief i <br />`'� aa►nd paansf.t�n flaEnd, L:Irb. � �t**4 1160ory fvad, and generil <br /> ptlan 'tbudv a tax ®f" ,mat .ls ota overt' 4*nao .of said pvoperw.:=;_ <br /> being &I.V rills for aarrekL wVense f' d ( sa# .s for park _,. <br /> alis far firm=$$ "lion saved paislon tlmd;„^ _x11.1. 2b 1... , <br /> IS1aD» i-gurranty fbind; .. f :713. ar 11 ; R <br /> i 3arr116M.xUls fair keti.'xn4jng Vt'arraabhV*, <br /> bond redesption ftnd;^- oh qac small be eollm ted aid. W4*e4 <br /> i <br /> 4 t'922"at o. yams fog -fit. + oap#ase fund; . lls for pWvk 'fvn4i <br /> for 11ass kali" ate! p"Mion .fwd,;. o =1140 top• 10, .40 <br /> 'is-4*" sei 1S s i"f►r liuftar fid; 6scllls for gema "al tom. ; <br /> 9 <br /> eaarpticirt, foam l-, �L hilly- for retiring Outataadin9 Warrants. <br /> 1180"ON 3. , 'i'htie ordinameb &all •ice effedt and be lb ataaee !*t w4 <br /> after five days after its publication, <br /> Passed October 11937. <br /> Attest , <br /> for c,. "` MW <br /> Appy *tdt October 1 .19M. . <br /> F <br /> p. • Ujg Or4tnMev n4ther apprwred er .4 jeappreaed by fir., s tin <br /> 4"4 have 61speoc , <br /> f'be <br /> Date b110ation __,_ day at Dat ea 2931 <br />